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Boyne Falls Baroque

Author: John Bailey
Genre: Mainstream Fiction
Reviewed by Frank McGourty

576A review by Frank McGourty whose short story “A Hot Sunday Morning “ will be appearing in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine.

Take an ex millionaire, the stock market and the Feds, throw in the Japanese Yakuza and a Thai restaurant with hot food and a waitress to match and you have the recipe for a good tale. John Bailey serves this one up with the right amount of spice as he melds High-Tec with I-Ching.

When young Brian Mercer, techie, former millionaire and reluctant pot smoker gives up his promising career of spreading hot tar on the roofs of Boyne Falls and moves onto selling lawn services for a company that couldn’t grow crab grass, it seems that he has hit a new low. Even when he just attempts to have lunch, Brian can not even get into his restaurant of choice; life is getting very depressing. But there is silver a lining when Brian wanders into Thai A Yellow Ribbon a restaurant, which of course serves Thai food. The food is spicy and so is the young Japanese waitress Miiko, who also serves up hot stock tips that she receives from Grandpa Sam. From here on Brian’s life becomes a roller coaster ride as he finds himself in “like” with Miiko who is in reality a teacher at the Music Conservatory, a cello player, and as savory as any dish from the restaurant. Brian attends his first classical concert and discovers he actually enjoys it and also that Miiko can become very intense while playing the cello. Later that evening Miiko lets Brian in on a little secret, one of the reasons she looks so intense while playing is because the cello gives off vibrations. Miiko goes into more detail. Did I mention that Miiko was as spicy as the Thai food she served?

Things begin looking up for Brian as he deserts the agricultural business and becomes a radio disk jockey for Classic Rock 105, where although the pay is low there are perks such as women who call during the show and talk dirty. As his love life and his stocks rise, Brian is a happy man. Miiko then introduces him to Grandpa Sam, the oracle of the stock market who explains how he uses the I-Ching as a sure way to make a killing in the stock market. Grandpa Sam explains all, but Brian still finds it all a puzzlement. But the I- Ching connection is even more of a puzzlement to the SEC. Brian is given a lecture by an FBI agent who explains that the world economy will collapse if people cheat the market, rather than the market cheat the people. Dropping their minor problems with Enron and International Terror, the SEC and the FBI investigate the I-Ching Connection. Brian now finds himself in hot water with Miiko and over his head in an alphabet soup of Government Agencies.

John Bailey has woven a droll tale of love, greed and the I- Ching . His story includes a grand cast of quirky characters. You're going to love Miiko who is a very proper young lady who just happens to like to talk dirty in both English and Japanese.


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